Thursday, 26 November 2015

Channel Five Filming.

Channel 5 has announced it is filming a fly-on-the-wall series based at Britain's most famous seaside resort Blackpool.
Blackpool Lights will feature Chris Higgitt one of the biggest characters from the North West England holiday destination being filmed during his day-to-day life.

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Channel 5's head of factual entertainment Steve Gowans said: "Blackpool represents the quintessential British seaside resort, and the characters we feature in the series show that it's still a place where everything and anything can happen - usually with a great big dollop of Northern humour."

A Bit About Me.

Christopher Higgitt

As seen on Channel 5’s “Blackpool Lights”
Chris Higgitt was born in 1968 just outside Norwich but relocated to the new town of Telford in 1969 then moved to Blackpool in 2003 were he still lives.
Christopher Higgitt
Christopher Higgitt
He starred in the TV show called Blackpool Lights that was aired on Christmas Day and has been nicknamed “aspiring tycoon and local king of the Slots” by channel 5 TV.
Higgitt - King of the Slots!
Higgitt – King of the Slots!

Home of the £1 Burger

Why not come and meet Chris Higgitt and try the £1 burger 
as seen on the channel five TV show Blackpool Lights.
At the Las Vegas Arcade 
Dale Street

Watch the TV show that Chris Higgitt stared in "Blackpool Lights"

Christopher Higgitt is One of Blackpool's biggest characters, nicknamed aspiring tycoon and local king of the Slots by Ch 5 TV

.Part 1 of the TV show Blackpool Lights